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Jay Lake, NIH, and Local Visitors

As many of you know, author Jay Lake is undergoing treatment for terminal advanced metastatic colon cancer at NIH.  He is scheduled to arrive in Bethesda on March 4, and he’ll be staying for an indefinite time period, but probably until around April 3.  During that time, he’ll have a CT scan, MRIs, insertion of a chest catheter, two phases of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, a course of “helper drugs” for the immunotherapy, and recovery time.

Throughout Jay’s visit, he is allowed to have visitors.  In a perfect world, Jay would love to see 1-3 people each day, for an hour or so each visit.  That would give him a chance to break up the monotony of his hospital stay.  (Jay is *not* looking for patient advocates or “babysitting”; he’ll have family to help with that.)

I’ve set up a Google calendar, showing the relevant dates and the expected treatments (which may, of course, change over time). As near as I can tell, I’m the only one who can edit the calendar to add visitors, but I’m happy to do so if people send email to me at mindyklasky@gmail.com.  People definitely do NOT need to sign up on the calendar before they do visit; the calendar is just a convenience.

View Jay Lake – NIH calendar

Visitors should go to the Visitor Entrance on W. Cedar Lane (on the north side of the NIH campus).  All visitors will have to present ID, go through airport-grade security, have their car searched, and not be bearing firearms or alcohol.  On some days, when Jay’s immune system is particularly suppressed, visitors may need to wear face masks.  (As is the case with any hospital patient, Jay might not be up to socializing at any particular time on any particular day.)

Please feel free to share this post with DC, Maryland, and Virginia people (or visitors who come from further afield) to visit with Jay.  He’s happy to have this information made public.  I’ll update here, if and when the situation changes — if we’re overwhelming Jay with visitors, if he’s not up to company, etc.  Let me know if you have questions, comments, or concerns!

P.S.  If anyone knows how to open the calendar to general edits, let me know!  I *do* know how to add specific individuals to edit the calendar.

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