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January 9th, 2006

Live, Learn, and Edit, Edit, Edit

What?!? Is it Monday already? Well, at least I can say that I had a productive weekend.

After a lovely breakfast out with Mark on Saturday morning, I locked myself into our bedroom to hash through the final round of edits on GUIDE. I slashed pages. I added pages. I re-read the added pages. I slashed some of them.

And (cue sound of chorus of angels and cue light of dawn) by Sunday morning, I was pleased with what I'd accomplished.

I used to approach edit notes very methodically. If my editor said s/he didn't like this adverb, or s/he thought this scene went on too long, I changed the adverb or I cut some words.

Now, I realize that edit notes mean that my editor was pulled out of the story. The specific reason isn't nearly as important as the fact that there was a hiccup, that the reading experience didn't flow smoothly, effortlessly. Flawlessly.

So, I take a more global view now. A note means that the scene needs to be tweaked. Sometimes (as in a set of three chapters toward the end of GUIDE), a scene needs to be added, which modifies what follows.

I've typed in the edits from the first twelve chapters, and they were pretty straightforward, minor enough that I double-checked each manuscript page to make sure that I didn't miss any edits. The middle third will be just about as easy. And the last third... Let's just say that I have several teabags of Revolution Ginger Peach tea on hand.

And I know how to use them.

Mindy, quite pleased with the progress and confident of meeting her deadline. Of tomorrow.

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