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January 1st, 2006

Happy 2006!

Hurtling myself into a new year here...

I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions - I tend to make birthday resolutions (because, after all, that's the start of *my* new year!)

Nevertheless, I have promised myself to Do It Now. I tend to step around obstacles (you know, like that pile of laundry in the middle of the floor, like the edits that need to be finished for Chapter 13, like the freezer that needs to be cleaned out.) Stepping around just raises my anxiety level, and I eventually have to do whatever it is that I'm avoiding.

So, Do It Now is my new mantra. At least for the first few days of 2006 :-)

Happy New Year, all!

Mindy, posting. Now.

Catch Up on 2005

So, I didn't post the last few days of 2005, and I wanted to post a brief catch up on What I Did On Winter Vacation.

Friday morning, I enjoyed brunch with Di Francis. (If you haven't read her books, you should - she's a fellow Roc author who has been reading traditional fantasy since she was a child. She's now looking forward to seeing her third book in print, in May 2006.) We had a lovely time munching on bagels, sipping sweet ginger peach tea, and talking about the joys and tribulations of the publishing life.

Friday afternoon, Mark and I drove Di out to the airport, and then we went to the Udvar-Hazy center. The U-H is an extension of the National Air and Space Museum (most visited museum in America!) It has the exhibits that were too big for them to get into the museum on the Mall (along with other artifacts that they didn't bring downtown. We saw a Concorde and the Enola Gay, a Blackbird, and the Space Shuttle Enterprise... All in all, we roamed through the exhibits for about three hours. (I wish that I knew more about what we were seeing, but I'll have the opportunity to learn, right?)

Yesterday (Saturday), we went to the Shakespeare Theater's production of Comedy of Errors. The play is a farce, and the theater did everything they could to play up the farcical elements. (Groucho Marx appearing in the second act, anyone?!?) Not my style of theater, alas, but we attended with friends, and we all enjoyed a wonderful long dinner at the Mongolian BBQ afterwards.

Mark and I rang out the old year watching DVDs. I finished my dragonfly quilt. We ate Hershey's Kisses galore.

And now, it's 2006.

Mindy, dusting off her hands

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