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December 29th, 2005

Traveling Through Time

We just got back from an overnight trip to Colonial Williamsburg. (Yes, this is the second time that we went there this year. I did some research for GIRL'S GUIDE back in October, and we purchased passes that are good for a year, so we decided to go down to see the Christmas decorations.)

It was unseasonably warm in Virginia's former state capital; we walked around without coats last night. We attended a Grand Illumination - a fife and drum corps marching down the main street, lighting torches in front of the major buildings. (Alas, we were there with several thousand of our closest friends...) We also strolled from building to building, enjoying the Christmas decorations (wreaths and swags, with all sorts of flora worked in.)

Since our visit was rather spur of the moment, we had made no dinner reservations, but we lucked into a table at the Blue Talon Bistro, a wonderful bistro in the French manner, just outside of the historical park. Our food was wonderful, and the people-watching was sublime.

This morning, fog was turning to drizzle, so our thousands of fellow visitors made themselves scarce. (Actually, it was very strange - as if the majority of the world had been raptured.) After a *huge* breakfast at one of the numerous pancake houses in town, we went back to the historic village. We toured the gaol (where prisoners had non-flowing-water toilets, apparently so that they could not fling chamber pots at guards), the Presbyterian Meeting House (tiny and fireplace-less and rather grim), and the apothecary shop (where I learned more details about some of Jane Madison's magic). We also took in more of the house decorations (and this time, the batteries in my camera were fully charged!)

All in all, a great little mini-vacation, and I'm back at home, full of writing ideas. Good thing, too. Tomorrow, I delve into GIRL'S GUIDE edits. Really. No more playing. This is serious work.

Mindy, who doesn't even really believe herself.

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