Mindy Klasky (mindyklasky) wrote,
Mindy Klasky

Graphic Novels - A Primer Please?

First off:  thanks to people who posted bits of 70's slang.  LJ was broken yesterday, and it was hard for me to see your posts and comment for thanks, but thanks :-)

New question/topic, starting with confession time:  I have never read a graphic novel.  (Well, at least not since reading Tin-tin as a kid.)  I have seen them, of course, in almost every bookstore that I haunt, and I've glanced at the covers and even turned a few pages.  I've peered over the shoulder of people reading them next to me on planes.  I read the comments of people talking about them, all the time.  I haunt the blogs of certain graphic novelist authors (well one, at least - Mr. Gaiman...)  But I've never read one.

Question time:  How *do* you read one?  Do people look at the pictures first, then read the text?  Do they read the text first, then the pictures?  Do they go back and forth - a word, a glance, a word, a glance?

I suspect that there's no easy answer.  I further suspect that graphic novels just aren't "for me" - I know that when I go to art museums, I have a truly annoying-to-me tendency to read the little write-ups on the wall before looking at the giant, reason-I'm-there, graphic material of paintings or drawings or photographs.

So?  Is there any hope for me?  Am I doomed?

Mindy, thankful for any insights people can share
Tags: reading
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