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SWITCHCRAFT - One Last September Release

One last book that debuted this month:  SWITCHCRAFT, by Mary Castillo - http://www.marycastillo.com.  Having had so much fun answering Mary's questions for me, about SORCERY, I decided to toss a few questions her way.  Here's how the dialog went:

1.  Have you ever had supernatural encounters in your own life?

I grew up in a haunted house. When I was three years old, my mom found me talking in her closet. She was stunned when I told her all about my invisible friend whose name was Mary and who had a little girl named Mary Ann. You see, my parents had had some strange things happen in the house. Voices calling their names, doors opening and closing. You know, the usual haunted house stuff. When Mom asked the neighbor about a woman who would drive by the house, the neighbor told her that the woman was related to the couple who lived in the house before we did. Apparently, she was the sister of the wife whose name was Mary and who had a daughter named (wait for it!),
Mary Ann. We figured our ghost was friendly and when she'd get active, we'd ask her not to scare us and she'd stop. I swear I'm not crazy. Well, maybe a little bit.
2.  How much of you ends up in your characters?

There is a little bit of me in all of my characters, even the guys! Nely's frustrations and joys of being a new mom came very much from my experience. Aggie's loneliness and desperation for a solid human connection came from my days as a young single woman living in big, bad L.A. away from hearth and home. As for La Cacuy (Nely's mother-in-law, Simona), she is the mother-in-law I fear becoming. Trust me, I never set out to be the Mexican Mama but boy, the first time a little girl made eyes at my son...ohh it was bad. My husband had to calm me down.

3.  What is your writing routine like?

I start my day by working out and then checking my email. I then make myself a cup of a tea, yank out the wireless card and then sit down at my desk. If I really need to get work done, I go to my favorite coffee house with my AlphaSmart. The Internet and email are my sworn enemies.

4.  Where do you fall on the chick lit/literary lit debate?  (Do you even think there is - or should be - a debate about the merit of chick lit?)

I am a conscientious objector. Look, I write the books that I'd want to read. My job is to tell a good story and if that offends someone's delicate intellectual sensibilities, then they should look go somewhere else. Also, I have a two year-old, a husband and a life. I don't have any time to waste by arguing with people.

5.  What's your next writing project?

I just turned in a story about a young woman who comes from a family of mariachis. That's all I can say for now.

Mindy, pleased to have made a new friend!


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