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Bounce, bounce, bounce! Today is my first book birthday in nearly a year!

(Yes, there are a lot of reasons for that, but that’s a blog post for the future…)

Today, I’m reveling in the swirl of posts — congratulations from family and friends, emails from readers who are just getting their own copies, reviews from advance readers that are being posted for the first time on public media… It’s all very exciting.

But just in case I get too convinced of my own importance, Twitter had a bit of a comeuppance waiting for me today.

You see, I publish a newsletter called Virtual Cocktails. And that newsletter is automatically cross-posted to Facebook and to Twitter. Those social media sites snip the graphic at the top of the newsletter, making it fit into their default guidelines.

I’ve posted, oh, about two dozen newsletters to Twitter in the past, using the auto-snip default. But for the first time ever, Twitter decided to make its cut halfway through the second word in the newsletter title.

::Pause. Wait for blog readers to consider exactly what was screamed from my Twitter feed. Blush.::

I fully expect to get a rush of new followers. But they’re going to be very disappointed when they read the actual back cover blurb for LAW AND MURDER:

Sarah Anderson loves her job at the supernatural night court of Washington DC—even though that means regularly consorting with vampires. She especially looks forward to the trial of the century, where her testimony might be enough to put the most bloodthirsty villain ever to stalk the Eastern Empire behind bars forever.

Sure, she has a couple of problems, like any hard-working young urban professional. She can’t decide whether she wants to kiss her enigmatic vampire boss or to kill him. Her supernatural mentor insists the powers she longs to wield might actually kill her, if they don’t drive her mad first.

But someone is stalking Washington DC’s vampire elite. And when an ancient evil invades the actual courthouse, Sarah can’t hold back any longer. She must learn to embrace the magic within her…or die trying.

Do you have your copy? Pick one up today!

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Jan. 31st, 2017 08:59 pm (UTC)

I went to get a copy and discovered I'd preordered it months ago :-) So now it is waiting for me on my Kindle!
Jan. 31st, 2017 09:15 pm (UTC)
Words to warm an author's heart :-)

Thank you!
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