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Whoosh! Bang! Wham!

Wow – was that a weekend whizzing by?  I merely got caught in the backdraft!

I spent the better part of Friday fussing with FROM LEFT FIELD, putting the so-called finishing touches on the outline.  I say “so-called” because I realized, almost as soon as I’d saved it, that it wasn’t going to work — I was boxing my hero and my heroine into too small a space.  They’ve known each other since elementary school AND they were working together AND they were competing against each other for [redacted] AND they were falling in love.  There wasn’t enough room for them to breathe.

(Now, in the better-considered light of Monday morning, they’re no longer working together.  I think that pruning will be enough – we’ll see…)

On Saturday, we headed down to Nationals Park, for a game against the Mets.  Alas, the high point of the game was my pre-game chat with one of our fellow season ticket holders — it’s nice to catch up with friends.  Oh, and the Subway Mediterranean Chicken sandwich was pretty good.  The game itself, not so much.  And the group behind us who were the LOUDEST PEOPLE EVER?  Yeah.  Not good at all.  By the end of the game (5-2, Mets), my ears were fuzzy, like I’d been at a concert for the past three hours.  Sigh.

Yesterday was all being lazy and gearing up for the current week.  I got a pedicure with a friend (Yay! I have Sandal Toes again!)  And I read the Washington Post cover to cover.  And I read some of Megan Hart’s DEEPER. And I watched some of our enormous backlog on TV. And I worked on my Wingspan wrap – I had to rip out two triangles due to a stupid errors committed way back, but I’m now making new progress.

Yeah.  Whoosh, bang, wham.

And now I’m back in the saddle, working on Chapter One of FROM LEFT FIELD.  Which reminds me, I need to figure out what type of dog the heroine owns…

I hope your weekend was a good one!  Tell me what exciting things you did, so I won’t feel quite as cheated, going back to work :-)

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May. 19th, 2014 07:22 pm (UTC)
Weekend? There was a weekend?
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